Specialists in NDT – Non-destructive testing

ITS, International Test Solutions is an established name in the NDT market.

The company was formed in August 2013 by a small group of ambitious and hardworking individuals with a vast amount of experience in the field of inspection. We offer a number of quality ensuring services such as:

  • Non-Destructive Testing (NDT),
  • Quality Control (QC),
  • Structural Steel Assessments (SSA) and
  • Research and Development (R&D).

Integrity within ITS is always our starting point for a thorough inspection, high-quality and professional. That is why we attach great importance to a good relationship with our customers, where we want to provide our services as a whole independently. As ITS and our staff, we stand for independence and impartiality. It is the policy of the board and management of ITS to carry out inspections at the highest level and to manage them in accordance with the requirements set out in ITS Quality management system. ITS BV will therefore at all times carry out inspections independently, impartially and free from pressure.

Our organization focuses on quality & innovation when it comes to inspections. The need for independent certified inspections is growing steadily worldwide. Our specialists are continuously working on creating solutions for specific inspection demands. To stay on top of the market we are always in close contact with equipment suppliers, classification societies and training facilities. This is the strength of our organization.

Through the participation of multinational Control Union we are responding to the demand for quality inspections worldwide. Thanks to this cooperation we are able to offer our services locally in more than 70 countries, which has a favorable effect on both the logistical and the environmental impact.

Our customers range from relatively small machine factories to large multinationals, these customers are active in a wide diversity of sectors such as oil & gas, shipbuilding, civil engineering, health care, government, food processing, construction industry, wind energy, recreation, etc.

Our specialists are your designated partners for performing quality-assurance services, auditing, feasibility studies, process analyzes & optimization, project management and education / training.

Our Core Business

We have a respectable group of enthusiastic, broadly trained, practically-minded NDT technicians, who together can utilize the full spectrum of our offered techniques. They are all well known in the shipping, (petro) chemical, offshore, wind, civil construction and food processing industries.

Our team is not only focused on the non-destructive test industry, but also thrives on the QC market. The practical experience in all disciplines mentioned on this website is what customers are looking for. We ensure full commitment and a dedicated team for projects around the world.

Within the (petro) chemical and food processing industry we offer a unique service in the form of SSA. Through this inspection form we map the current structural state of your factory and document this within our online tool Qc linQ.

We do not shy away from challenges, we take every opportunity to solve a (very) specific inspection requirement. Thanks to our broad professional knowledge and solution-oriented pragmatic approach, we achieve solutions for unique inspection problems more often than normal. In addition to the thinking power of a handful of experienced NDT level 3ers, we also have various 3D modeling packages, a 4-axis CNC milling machine, a laser cutter and several types of 3D printers to be able to design and manufacture prototypes entirely for our own project specific research solutions.

The ITS Webshop

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Via the webshop we sell some of our own developed and produced innovative (NDT related) solutions, like for instance the Beamer®.

The Beamer® is a useful “must-have” for all NDT technicians, engineers and fabrication designers that simplifies the indication drawing process. The virtually unbreakable kind of plastic and chemically printed surface ensures an extreme durability in any kind of environment.


'The App
for Quality Control!'
Visit the QC-LinQ website


Fast, user Friendly, on- and offline control of your company’s entire workflow process.

With an experienced background in both NDT and QC we have been involved in many complex production plant, shipping and offshore projects, from new-build to repair and conversion. During these projects we’ve seen our clients encounter areas of difficulty most often centered around documentation and especially traceability.

With the ever-advancing leaps in technology the days of relying on paperwork are soon to be behind us. Time spent walking around with piles of drawings and printed excel lists trying to ascertain the actual situation, meanwhile dozens of workers plough through the work twenty-four hours a day is not only time consuming but simply not necessary.

With this in mind we’ve created Qc linQ which represents an online quality management tool that enables you to monitor all stages of any given process on an everyday hand held device.

For more information visit www.qclinq.com.