First DNV approved phased array top drive main shaft scanner

After a year of testing, design and development, International Test Solutions (ITS) and Control Union (CU) have developed an ultrasonic phased array top drive main shaft scanning tool that has recently been validated and approved by DNV as first of its kind in the world. This approval adds to the general DNV NDT approvals and various phased array applications that have been developed over the years.

The benefits of this shaft scanner (called ScalaShaft®) are numerous. As the phased array tool scans the complete shaft from the inside out (without the requirement for any disassembly) it could be used to replace the 5 yearly maintenance requirements for complete disassembly of the top drive and surface NDT of the main shaft. This is saving downtime and labor related costs as well as the scan allowing for preventive maintenance and risk-based inspections as it ensures a 100% scan of the shaft’s volume, including the load bearing areas, for any fatigue related discontinuities and wear on the outside surface.

CU Managing Director Ron Winands explains: “I am very proud to be the first company in the world to have our top drive scanning tool approved by DNV. This strengthens our position in the offshore drilling inspection market and adds to our large list of cost saving inspection methods”. Rudy Wilhelm (ITS Director and NDT L3) adds: “Together with CU, we believe the advanced NDT applications such as phased array will have a major impact on in-service inspections, saving costs, preventing downtime and increasing reliability and safety. We specialize in solving our clients challenges with our inspection tools”. Ron Winands concludes: “This is why we heavily invest in R&D and customized scanning tools such as the ScalaShaft®, but also our DNV approved Phased Array bolt and stud testing procedure and other advanced NDT applications, as these are the future of efficient and effective third-party inspections”.

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