Ultrasonic Phased Array testing of bolts and studs in-situ (to aid our customers in quick, reliable and reproducible defect detection while still in service) is something we’ve been successfully doing for quite some time now. But due to the increasing demand for this form of inspection in the offshore and wind sector, and to underline our joint expertise with Control Union, we’ve had our examination procedure validated and approved by DNV-GL.

In order to acquire consistent field data we utilize our own designed scanner mechanism, which is a compact and low-profile hand-manipulated scanner that allows us to inspect bolts and studs of various diameters and lengths. The low and narrow profile ensures a wide range of employability and in-situ inspection flexibility.


The phased array bolt and stud inspections may be applied to a wide range of applications. Bolted flange connections on cranes or wind turbines may be inspected, but also marine riser bolts or blowout preventer studs. Our tailor made ScalaStud® tools will be made to fit for any bolt or stud, and ensures swift inspections


Phased array inspections can be performed without removal of the bolt or stud. The inspection may be done in-situ which allows for great cost reductions and reduced operational disturbance. Our ScalaStud® tools allow around 125 bolts to be inspected daily. In addition, reporting allows for a full assessment of each bolt and could therefore be used as part of any predictive or risk based inspection program.