A unique internal scanning tool which allows for in-service inspection of Topdrive shafts with an internal diameter between 2,75” – 4,5” and a length up to 5 meters vertically. The scanner is setup in such a way that with a single circumferential scan, 5 separate inspection setups can be conducted simultaneously for accurate flaw detection and corrosion mapping.

The benefits of this newly designed approach are numerous. As the Ultrasonic Phased Array mechanism scans the complete shaft from the inside out (without the requirement for any disassembly) it could be used to replace the 5 yearly maintenance requirements for complete disassembly of the Topdrive and stipulated surface NDT of the Mainshaft. This is saving downtime and labor related costs as well as the scan allowing for preventive maintenance and risk-based inspections as it ensures a 100% scan of the shaft volume, including the load bearing areas, for any fatigue related discontinuities and wear on the outside surface.

To underline the seriousness of this testing method and to prove our quality driven mindset we have recently externally validated this particular examination procedure and it has been successfully approved by DNV-GL as first of its kind in the world.