In radiographic testing (RT), electromagnetic radiation is used to “see” through materials. The main application for this type of testing is weld inspections of, for example, pipelines and pressure vessels during their new build phase or while in-service. This technique can also be used for determining and monitoring wall thicknesses of pipelines up to a diameter of Ø 168.3mm with a wall thickness of a maximum of 7.1mm.

Radiography uses a source (x-ray tube or radioactive) and a detector. The test material is placed in between. This must be taken into account when planning the work; both sides of the test object must be approachable.

Due to the difference in density of the material and a possible discontinuity, the intensity of the radiation will differ. These differences are visible on the detector. Depending on the test criteria to be applied, there are various options available, such as; Regular films, which are available in various sizes and types of speeds. And DDR (Direct Digital Radiography), where the images are sent directly from the image plate to the computer or tablet.

In addition to on-site testing we can, for radiation safety reasons, also test prefab welded items in various easily accessible bunker locations in the region. Call or email for more information.