With Positive Material Identification (PMI) you can analyse metal alloys (ferrous or non-ferrous) to determine their chemical composition.

Typical methods for PMI include X-ray fluorescence (XRF) and optical emission spectrometry (OES). These techniques have been developed in such a way that even “light” elements such as P, S, Mg, Si, Al, and very low concentrations of C can be detected in a wide variety of alloys.

If you use metals, steels, and alloys in your business, a PMI testing program will allow you to make purchase and process decisions confidently and cost-effectively.

Our customers request PMI service:

  • when working with a part that is part of an assembly or that is too large for shipping,
  • when a sample cannot be cut for routine testing,
  • when a mixed lot is suspected,
  • when material identification or documentation has been misplaced,
  • when there are questions about samples too costly to destroy.