Ultrasonic Testing (UT) is a Non-Destructive Testing technique in which the examiner uses ultrasonic sound waves to detect internal imperfections in homogeneous materials, such as welded structural components, castings and forgings. In addition, the wall thickness of the material under test can be measured with great accuracy.

During inspection the induced sound waves can be reflected on a discontinuity. It is now possible for the examiner to determine the location and shape of the flaw through the measured time lapse and the amount of sound reflected. The information obtained can be evaluated in accordance with the required standard.

If a permanent registration of the examination data is desired, we suggest Ultrasonic Phased Array (PAUT) examination or Time of Flight Diffraction (ToFD) as an alternative.

Common applications are:

  • Weld examination of construction welds, insert plates, welder qualifications, etc,
  • Volumetric examination of bar material, forgings and castings,
  • Wall thickness measurements and / or corrosion mapping.