Our Core Business

We have a respectable group of enthusiastic, broadly trained, practically-minded NDT technicians, who together can utilize the full spectrum of our offered techniques. They are all well known in the shipping, (petro) chemical, offshore, wind, civil construction and food processing industries.

Our team is not only focused on the non-destructive test industry, but also thrives on the QC market. The practical experience in all disciplines mentioned on this website is what customers are looking for. We ensure full commitment and a dedicated team for projects around the world.

Within the (petro) chemical and food processing industry we offer a unique service in the form of SSA. Through this inspection form we map the current structural state of your factory and document this within our online tool Qc linQ.

We do not shy away from challenges, we take every opportunity to solve a (very) specific inspection requirement. Thanks to our broad professional knowledge and solution-oriented pragmatic approach, we achieve solutions for unique inspection problems more often than normal. In addition to the thinking power of a handful of experienced NDT level 3ers, we also have various 3D modeling packages, a 4-axis CNC milling machine, a laser cutter and several types of 3D printers to be able to design and manufacture prototypes entirely for our own project specific research solutions.