These assessments are heavily focused on safety for personnel and product and are intended to identify conditions requiring repair, structural deficiencies, corrosion that affects the structural integrity, fall protection deficiencies, ladder, platform and all building deficiencies.

We make recommendations and assign actions for correction of deficiencies using specific criticality criteria. By utilizing our online platform Qc linQ we can guide the asset owner to help implement and monitor the recommended corrections and actions.

Types of buildings and infrastructure that are considered during the assessment include but are not limited to the following:

  • Structural steel supporting vessels, silos, bins, tanks or other process equipment.
  • Plant infrastructure such as work platforms, decks, walkways and handrail systems, staircases, and ladders.
  • Supports for lifting devices (monorails) and fall protection systems.
  • Structural components of buildings and roofs.
  • Concrete structures and foundations.